E + L Salon






SPECIALTIES: Pixies, Wella Hair Painting, Toning + Men's Haircutting, Styling
TRUE SELF: Mama, Wife, Empath, Foodie, Runner + Wine and Cheese Lover. 

Creativity, compassion and change is how I try to live my life inside + outside of the salon. I have navigated my professional life uncertain of where I belong until now. My path over the last 20+ years has included the culinary world, corporate America and now 9 years in the salon industry. Being apart of the Fulton Neighborhood with both E+L Salon and my personal home has now made everything feel natural, real and full.

What led me to becoming a salon owner is simply the freedom to be in charge of my future and live within my full creative freedom. Constant transformation (big or small) and personal evolvement is how I feel confident I will provide you with a positive experience at E+L. 

The guests + our vision at the salon brings me excitement in a way I never knew existed. Mapping out the future of your hair over a hot cup of local coffee and conversation brings me so much joy and comfort. I am here to welcome you all on a beautiful journey, where amazing hair is only the beginning. 





SPECIALTIES: Razor cutting, Lived in Hair, Red hair color + Men's Haircutting
TRUE SELF:  Plant based everything, Wife, Fur Baby Lover, True Virgo

My creative journey began with studying modern dance at the University of Michigan. I learned a lot about discipline and hard work through my dance studies. Though I wanted to pursue a different career path I knew it had to be in an industry that thrives on change and growth. This lead me to Douglas J Aveda institute in Ann Arbor, Mi. From there I moved to Chicago and worked as a stylist for Art + Science Salon for five years.  

While at Art + Science I finished a two year training program in hair cutting and received training from industry leaders such as Bumble and Bumble + American Crew. For me this solidified the importance of education and continuing to evolve as a creative. 

After returning to Michigan + working at two salons in Grand Rapids I’m excited to open a salon where education is a focus + a way to bring something new to my clients + the community. After 10+ years in the industry I've come to understand that I have the confidence to bring my vision to life. My goal is to never stop growing as a stylist + a human. I hope E+L can become an educational hub not only for the stylists who work here but for all Grand Rapids creatives.





SPECIALTIES: Camera ready makeup, Men's Haircutting, Hair painting + Styling
TRUE SELF: Kitty lover, Plant Lady, Future Golden Girl + Story Teller

Originally from the East Coast of Michigan, I rooted down here in the West after living and growing my career in places such as Nashville, TN + Chicago.  Growth + collaboration is what gets me excited about living here in Grand Rapids and I am thoroughly jazzed about it.

New opportunities + self-motivation is what gets me moving every morning. I’ve been an instructor to future professionals and I am very passionate about continuing education in our industry. E+L's guests want to know what we are doing and how we are reinventing the wheel through new + fun concepts.

With over 15 years experience I look forward to bringing you beautiful hair + makeup that fits your vision of life + a smile.